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* Interference occurs when a substance or process falsely alters an assay result. * Interferences are classified as endogenous or exogenous. Endogenous interference originates from substances present in the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 patient's own specimen. Exogenous interferences are substances introduced Louis Vuitton Online Store into the patient's specimen. * To perform interference studies, proper planning is required. * Interference from haemolysis, icterus and lipaemia are most frequently studied. Haemolysis affects more analytes than does any other type of interference. * Protein interferences are most often associated with paraproteins and predominantly with IgM or IgG and rarely with IgA. * Drug interference may be due to the parent drug, metabolite(s) or additives in the drug preparation. * Collection tube components can affect determination of analytes. * Carryover interference typically occurs when analyte from a high concentration sample (or reagent) is incompletely removed by the analytical system's washing process, whether probe, mixer or cuvette washing. * Immunoassay interferences are most commonly due to antibodies (generally polyclonal). They may be autoantibodies (e.g. in thyroid disease) or heterophile antibodies that predominantly interfere in two-site immunometric (sandwich) assays, forming a bridge between capture and detection antibodies. * Determining if interference is significant requires deviation limits from the original result. * Once interferences are identified during method evaluation or in general use, there is a need to establish procedures for handling affected results as part of the quality system.  


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