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´╗┐Prevalence of anomalies of deciduous teeth has been analyzed in the general population of Zagreb preschool children. The sample comprised 2,987 children from 3 to 6 years of age (1,582 boys and 1,405 girls). Hypodontia was found in 0.47%, hyperdontia in 0.10%, and double teeth in 0.43% of total sample. Total prevalence of all anomalies in the sample was 1.0%. The sample for the analysis of permanent dentition has been enlarged with the clinical sample of children having the same anomalies and comprised 48 children. In all children with anomalies of primary teeth the orthopantomograms were taken and the status of permanent dentition was analyzed. In children with hypodontia in primary dentition hypodontia of permanent teeth was found in 100% of cases. Patients with hyperdontia of primary teeth displayed anomalies in Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Ebay permanent dentition in 85.7%, while in children with primary double teeth, anomalies of permanent teeth were present in 61.1% of cases. Missing deciduous teeth were found in both jaws in only 8.7% of cases, and in 34.8% in permanent dentition. Symmetrical occurrence of hypodontia of primary teeth (i.e. in both sides of jaws) was significantly higher in boys (56.3%) than in girls (28.6%). In permanent dentition Louis Vuitton Sale Toronto symmetrical occurrence of hypodontia was significantly higher than in primary dentition (81.3% in boys and 57.1% in girls). The most frequently missing primary teeth were maxillary lateral incisors (48.8%) followed by mandibular central incisors (34.9%). Hyperdontia of primary teeth has been found only in boys, and it related only to the maxillary lateral incisors. Anomalies of deciduous teeth show a high degree of association with the finding in the permanent dentition.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)  


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