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´╗┐BACKGROUND: Central hypoventilation syndrome ("Ondine's Curse") is an infrequent disorder that can lead to serious acute or chronic health consequences. This syndrome, especially in adults, is rare, and even less frequent in the absence of clear pathogenic lesions on MRI. In addition, we are not aware of any previously reported cases with associated cranial nerve neuralgias.METHODS: We describe a patient with baseline trigeminal and glossopharyngeal neuralgia, admitted with episodes of severe hypoventilatory failure of central origin, consistent with "Ondine's Curse". After evaluation, she was found to have a medullary capillary telangiectasia, thought to be the causative lesion, and which could explain her complete neurologic and hypoventilatory syndrome. The patient was treated with placement of a diaphragmatic pacing system, which has been effective thus far.RESULTS: This case illustrates the need for investigation of centrally mediated apnea, especially when co-occurring cranial nerve neuralgia is present and cardiopulmonary Louis Vuitton Purses Handbags Canada evaluation is negative. It provides an example of capillary telangiectasia as the causative lesion, one that to our knowledge has not been reported before.CONCLUSIONS: Placement of a Louis Vuitton Store Vancouver diaphragmatic pacing system was warranted and became lifesaving as the patient was deemed to be severely incapacitated by chronic ventilatory insufficiency.  


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