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´╗┐Cartilage is categorized into three general subgroups, hyaline, elastic, and fibrocartilage, based primarily on morphologic criteria and secondarily on collagen (Types I and II) and elastin content. To more precisely define the different cartilage subtypes, rabbit cartilage isolated from joint, Louis Vuitton Shoes 2014 nose, auricle, epiglottis, and meniscus was characterized by immunohistochemical (IHC) localization of elastin and of collagen Types I, II, V, VI, and X, by biochemical analysis of total glycosaminoglycan (GAG) content, and by biomechanical indentation assay. Toluidine blue staining and safranin-O staining were used for morphological assessment of the cartilage subtypes. IHC staining of the cartilage samples showed a characteristic pattern of staining for the collagen antibodies that varied in both location and intensity. Auricular cartilage is discriminated from other subtypes by interterritorial elastin staining and no staining for Type VI collagen. Epiglottal cartilage is characterized by positive elastin staining and intense staining for Type VI collagen. The unique pattern for nasal cartilage is intense staining for Type V collagen and collagen X, whereas articular cartilage is negative for elastin (interterritorially) and only weakly positive for collagen Types V and VI. Meniscal cartilage shows the greatest intensity of staining for Type I collagen, weak staining for collagens V and VI, and no staining with antibody to collagen Type X. Matching cartilage samples were categorized by total GAG content, which showed increasing total GAG content from elastic cartilage (auricle, epiglottis) to fibrocartilage (meniscus) to hyaline cartilage (nose, knee joint). Analysis Louis Vuitton Speedy of aggregate modulus showed nasal and auricular cartilage to have the greatest stiffness, epiglottal and meniscal tissue the lowest, and articular cartilage intermediate. This study illustrates the differences and identifies unique characteristics of the different cartilage subtypes in rabbits. The results provide a baseline of data for generating and evaluating engineered repair cartilage tissue synthesized in vitro or for post-implantation analysis.  


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